Monday, December 7, 2009

Square Bottom Red Purse.

Some one asked for additional directions for how I made this purse........Here are a few pointers to get you started.
  1. Use crochet hook G
  2. I used the #18 Nylon in Red
  3. chain 42
  4. SC in 2nd chain from the hook and in next 40 SC
  5. Repeat 21 times  - turn- 22 total rows of SC - this will get you the square base for the purse.  
  6. Row 23 - 1 sc in 1st sc, add 1 tab with 2 sc in tab and next 2 SC., SC in next SC. Add another tab.  Evenly space 13 tabs along on side with 2 sc in each tab. You will have 13 tabs for the front and back of purse.
  7. For each side you will need 7 tabs evenly spaced.
  8. Once you have the bottom row of tabs crocheted on, you will then make the front panel, each side panel and then the back panel.  I made this purse doing individual sides and then SC the panels together.  
  9. Each purse row is 16 tabs high.     


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!! i've learnt a lot with your tutorials, you've done an amazing job!!

so do you think nylon thread is the best thread to make these purses??

thank you again!! and sorry for my english :P

Celia (from Spain!)

Anonymous said...

wow, that purse looks really great!!
greetings from austria,

glucosamine said...

I have a good collection of purses and i like it so much.Till now i don't know how to make a purse but after reading your post now i also want to make such purse.The purse in this picture is so beautiful.I love it.I will keep close eyes to this site for more such post.

Mylinda said...

Someone asked if I think Nylon thread is the best thread to make these purses. No, I woulnd't say that. I personally have used regular yarn and it's fine. I think you can use any string or thread you want!!

Anonymous said...

hi... hi.. im rj
this purse looks great! good job...

how long will it take one person to make a purse if its done continuously

Anonymous said...

How did you do the handle?

Mylinda said...

I made my handles for the red box pures, exactly like the black purse. I think it looks fine.
My though on how long it takes to make a purse if you were doing it continuously......That's a very hard questions but this is just going to be my guess. For the black purse, you could have it made in 8-12 hours. For the red purse, about 3 continuous days. Once you start making purses, your mind just goes in every direction because there are so many ways you can make them. Remember......there are NO mistakes as long as the finishe product looks like a purse.

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